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Custom Jewelry Collections


The Natural Adornments Collection

The Natural Adornments Collection is inspired by nature’s beauty, color, and simple design. Jewels include stone, wood, shell, and beaded accessories that emphasize a timeless natural look, with selected eco-friendly pieces. Nature’s majesty is one of SLJ’s strongest inspirations.

The Urban Retro Chic Collection

Styles from the 60's, 70’s, 80's, and 90’s are having a fashion revival, and SLJ has a modern reinvented vision for these must-have accessories. The Urban Retro Chic collection contains vintage and street fashion mixed with modern twists. The collection includes various accessories that exude boldness, splashes of color, and fashion versatility.

The Heritage Pride Collection

The Heritage Pride collection honors heritage and worldwide cultures through fashion statements. Embrace fashion to represent your country and celebrate your heritage. Accessorize with vibrant colors and festive styles that are inspired by carnivals and celebrations. This collection currently consists of the Americas, which have undoubtedly been influenced by African, Latin, Tribal, and Caribbean cultures. Contact SLJ for customized heritage pride jewelry to represent your country. 

Glass Beads & Pearls Collection

The Glass Beads & Pearl Collection embodies the classy, delicate, multi-faceted woman in her essence. While being worn for elegant evening and everyday casual fashion, pearls carry significance in both their color and style.


SLJ lampwork glass beads are made by glass heating. Ultimately, the colors of glass have been added to base beads to create many surface designs. Crystal Dichroic Glass produces upscale fashion with its metallic sheen that switches between two colors at different angles.Wear fashionably and allow others to marvel at how light reflects off these spectacular beads. This collection offers unique high fashion statements.

The Wire Collection

The Wire Collection provides endless possibilities and creativity in jewelry designs. Twist, bend, crimp, straighten, and shape! Wire designs continue to make fashionable statements that can be worn day to evening, for casual or elegant affairs. Accentuate your style with fabulously designed accessories.