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  Artist/ Designer Profile

Sasha L believes it's important in life to be a visionary, to be creative and explore possible inner talents and passions through self-expression. One should not just dream, but execute, and in doing so positively inspire others. 

Sasha L ventured into jewelry making as a way to be creative and to nurture and heal. As momentum took over, she was soon researching and studying how to make jewelry, from essential pieces to the meanings of colors, stones, and history.

She had the pleasure of collaborating with family on some of her jewelry collections. She also collaborates with other designers and artists, combining her jewelry designing with their artistry.

From venturing into restoring jewelry and handbag repair to selling jewelry accessories to private clients and various shows and events, this journey has been humbling, fun, and surprising. Sasha's inspiration comes from a myriad of life's offerings and finds it's home in the vision that she strives to live each and every day. She is inspired by family, friends and culture. 

Sasha L's tribe is daring! And despite the “norm" they rock their personal styles everywhere! Read more about Sasha L's inspiration here.